Yesterday’s lunch

10 06 2011

I started a new job and I’ve been excitedly distract by the newness of everything, as a result I’ve been preparing some very boring (but delicious) meals.  For example, this was my lunch yesterday.  It consisted of assessing what was in the fridge (i.e. what needs to be eaten today) and considering what I needed to eat (i.e. I need some protein, fat, and vegetables).

It was a really simple one pan meal that I had the opportunity to enjoy eating outside.

As a little aside: Is anyone else overcome with the desire to make really simple meals now that the weather is heating up?

No recipe, but I’ll tell you what I did.

I had cooked navy beans in the fridge, which I place in a pot with a bit of water, along with some edamame (soy beans) an I heated them up.  The day before, I sauteed all the mushrooms in my fridge but didn’t eat them all, they were placed in the bowl.  Six small tomatoes: quartered and added to the mushrooms.  Finished with half an avocado, some hot sauce, and a splash of flax oil.  Hot and cold, spicy and creamy, crunchy and smooth – a taste sensation that rocked me.

Navy beans + edamame + mushrooms + tomatoes + avocado = goodness.

It wasn’t fancy or planned, but it used up some of the items in my fridge that were on their last legs and gave me the satisfaction of a good meal.




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