Favorite Online Recipes: July

27 07 2011

As I mentioned in a recent post, I have visitors and we’re doing an awful lot of visiting and not terribly much cooking.  But, just because I’m taking a mini-break from my kitchen doesn’t mean that I can’t still share good stuff with you.  A la Heidi Swanson, I’m going to share some of my favorite online recipes.

Orange Sesame Yuba Rolls from Manifest Vegan: Allyson’s not lying when she says that tofu skin is good.  I’ve never seen it called yuba, but I have seen it called bean curd sheets at T&T Grocery.  Here’s some fair warning: If you are reconstituting bean curd sheets, do not use boiling water.  I had a bowl filled with what looked like the egg bits from egg-drop soup… which led me to improvise a vegan egg-drop soup.

Vegan Ice Cream from Namely Marly:  I do not have an ice cream maker and I made this ice cream – no problem.  The secret about this recipe is that it’s just frozen bananas.  Nothing else.  I was skeptical, but I served it to friends and everyone loved how rich and creamy it was, no one guessed it was just bananas.  I consider doing a post about this stuff because I love bananas and ate the ice cream twice a day for at least a week.  I didn’t do a blog because the pictures of frozen bananas extruded from my Kitchen Aid were not appetizing in the least.

Hot Chocolate Snickerdoodles from A Food Coma:  In a search for delicious vegan Christmas treats, I started baking up batches and batches of these spicy cookies.  Everyone who tasted these cookies loved them: sweet and spicy with a crispy outside and chewy outside, what’s not to love?  I took a box of these bad-boys to my friend N as a hostess gift for Christmas dinner.  N’s sister-in-law tasted one and was disgusted to find that perfectly good chocolate cookies had been ruined with spice, I think her actual description involved the words “vile” and “abomination”.  Still, I think they’re delicious and intend to bake another 100 or more this Christmas.

Vegan Raspberry Crumb Bars from A Food Coma:  All I’m going to say is that I made these with raspberries from my backyard.

No-Knead Dutch Over Bread from Roger Doiron:  I love bread.  I love yeast.  And, if I didn’t exercise self control, bread would be ruin.  I love kneading bread, but I also love crusty bread.  Somehow I stumbled across a video about a bakery called Tartine and wanted to find a recipe for bread that is left to proof for hours.  (Be warned, watching the Tartine video could turn you into a bread fiend.)

I’ll be back from my mini-break soon!




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