Rest in peace l’il food processor

29 07 2011

Last night, while making veggie pâté, my mini food processor died.  Actually, the side cracked and stuff started leaking out but it held in there long enough to finish blending the pâté.  What a little trooper.

Now I have a dilemma.  I was torn between using my Visa points to buy a slow cooker or a good blender, now the need for a processor has turned the tables on this debate.

Here’s the situation:  I stumbled across a blog called Healthy Slow Cooking, want to try the recipes, but don’t have a slow cooker.  I have a Magic Bullet blender, and I was disappointed (though not surprised) to find that all the TV talk was just hype.  And now my mini blender – the one that’s made more mini batches of hummus than it’s possible to count – has died.

This is where I need your help:  If I were to buy one appliance to resolve the above dilemma, what should I buy?  (Bear in mind, although I want something good, I’m not spending more than $150 on this appliance.)




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19 09 2011
What exactly is a Food Processor and Do you know the Advantages of Acquiring Them?

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