Favourite Online Recipes: October

8 10 2011

Autumn is a pretty great season: vegetables coming ripe, a crisp breeze in the air, and the promise of an exciting holiday season.  The following are some of my online faves right now.

Layered Maple Oat ‘n Apple Dessert Jars from Healthful Pursuits: My friend P emailed me saying that she could see me making this, she was right.  I can practically taste this as I read the recipe.  I’ve book marked this recipe with plans of preparing it during the holiday season.

Food Gawker: Feed your eyes.  That’s their motto, “feed your eyes.”  P calls this site food porn, she’s right, it’s a feast for your eyes.  I don’t recommend checking out this site while you’re at work because you’ll end up spending the whole day planning menus until the end of the year.

Olive Tapenade with a Pumpkin Twist from Food Fuss: What can I say, I’m a sucker for pumpkin.  I love finding ways of getting this gorgeous gourd into more of what I eat while it’s in season.  Delicious and easy to make, something to add to your pre-Thanks Giving dinner snacks.

Autumn Spiced Popcorn from Manifest Vegan: I consider myself a popcorn aficionado and would like to add my stamp of approval to this recipe.  Let me assure you that I was reluctant at first, I don’t go for sweet popcorn, I like my popcorn savory; this recipe is the right balance of salty and sweet.

Red Cabbage Salad with Sweet Miso Dressing from Sweet Potato Soul: It’s not the easiest recipe, but it’s worth the effort.  Hmmm… mushrooms and colourful cabbage, there’s not much else to say.

Slow Cooker Gingerbread Latte from Healthy Slow Cooking:  I don’t have a slow cooker but I long to have one.  I think this could very well be the first thing that I make in my slow cooker, whenever I actually become the proud owner of one.  (Cuisinart, Kitchen Aid, Hamilton Beach: hint, hint)

Scarletta Bakes: It’s not a vegan site, but it’s quickly joining the ranks of my favorite food blog sites.  Her writing is hilarious.  I aspire to write in such an openly honest and funny way and will continue to read this blog until I have appropriated her amazingly funny blog writing style.  😀




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