Catastrophic Waffles

9 01 2012


When I moved to the east coast, my brother bought me a waffle maker.  It was amazing, we had top notch waffles and they tasted delicious.  Then one day the waffle maker decided to hate me and never let go of the waffles I tried to cook.

I read the web sites and tried the tricks to not have sticky waffles.  Nothing worked.

For a year (or more), my waffle maker has been stashed in the cupboard, silently repenting for all it’s sins.  Yesterday I brought the beast into daylight to try out  Alicia Silverstone’s rice waffles from The Kind Diet.  I had hoped that maybe bygones could be bygones and everything would turn out waffalicious.


I was mistaken.  The carnage was quite severe.


This is a small sample of the wreckage, a tasty-tasty piece of wreckage.

So, although my waffle maker still hates me, the recipe is delicious.  The miso is not over powering and could easily allow these waffles to sway to the sweeter side of life, or remain on the veggie side.  (At the bottom you can see my attempt at salvaging the batter for pancakes – it kinda worked.)


Rice Waffles

2 cups cooked brown rice (I used black rice)

1 cup whole wheat flour

1 Tbsp miso paste

Get your waffle iron hot because this batter will take you two seconds to get ready.

Stuff everything into a food processor and whiz it around.

Cook waffles as per your waffle makers instructions.

*Note: Alicia Silverstone’s recipe actually says to just mix these things together in a bowl, but I like processing my food… which could be part of the reason why my waffle maker hates me.





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