Black-eyed Pea Cakes

13 01 2012


Loving The Kind Diet, the recipes are really great: simple and delicious.

This was a recipe I saw, read, and really had to think long and hard about trying.  The black-eyed peas don’t get cooked before you make the cakes.

Just the thought of uncooked beans (peas) make me stop in my tracks.

I’m really, really glad that I didn’t.  I’m incredibly thankful that I tried out this recipe because I think this is going to become a regular thing around my house.



Black-eyed-Pea Cakes

2 cups black-eyed peas, soaked at least over night

2 Tbsp chopped parsley

scant sea salt to taste

1 Tbsp Braggs or Tamari

1 tsp cumin

3 Tbsp oil

Drain the soaked beans and transfer to a food processor.  Add parsley, sea salt, Braggs, and cumin to beans.  Blend until the beans are chopped into fine shreds, not until it turns to mush.  Form balls using approximately 1/4 cup of mixture, set aside.

In a non-stick frying pan or cast iron skillet bring oil to 350ºF.  Do not get the oil so hot that it smokes, but it should be hot enough that a little piece of batter dropped in will bubble furiously.  Now, in the original recipe, they shallow fry these cakes but I don’t roll like that.  We’re using a lot less oil, and if you want to be really daring, you could probably try it without any oil.

Place 4 – 5 cakes into the pan and fry for 4 – 5 minutes on each side.  Once cooked, remove from pan and continue cooking the rest of the cakes.





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3 02 2012
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