Some like it, some don’t

20 06 2011

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I am finally back after going back home to attend my university graduation, here is home too but I don’t want to make this too confusing.  Anyway, while I was there – at home – I went to my favorite restaurant: Padmanadi.  I’ve been enjoying their food for years, literally.  They opened their original restaurant in the early 2000’s and I was blown away by having so many vegan choice’s on the menu.

This trip I went there for brunch and lunch.  At brunch, I enjoyed the vegan ham and cheese omelet, made with bean curd sheets, Daiya cheese, and faux-meat.  At lunch, my brother and I shared chicken nuggets, salty chicken, ginger beef, and mushroom deluxe – an all mushroom party on my plate.

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I have never not enjoyed what I ordered but, in reading the reviews on Urban Spoon, it would seem that not all vegans/vegetarians share my opinion.  Believe it or not, some people are vehemently opposed to faux-meat products, which got me wondering where you stand on this highly divisive issue?